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    About The Swim People

    We are 'The Swim People' and we teach people from all over the UK to swim with quality swimming lessons. That's all we do, that's all we have ever done and that's what we enjoy the most in life!

    Gemma started teaching people to swim 17 years ago but soon decided to set up a swim school based on what she believed a swim school should be:

    Good quality swimming lessons with a difference, the difference being a handful of things that make our swimming lessons work. Beautiful pools that are clean, quiet and warm (not just a little bit warm but beautifully, perfectly, wonderfully warm!) and the teacher is always in the pool with you, not standing on the side nice and dry!

    Our teachers are all qualified to the highest standard and then trained in house to keep everyone working to The Swim People's very high standards.

    Our teachers are just teachers, they are not anything else, and teaching is their vocation. They are not only passionate and caring but very skilled at what they do.

    Finally the last thing that makes the difference is ... privacy ... privacy to learn, to make mistakes, to ask questions, to get in your swim suits, to practice, to be nervous, to jump for joy when you achieve what you thought you never would!! When you book a Swim People course, we take your course as seriously as you. We keep the whole facility, including the shower room, the changing room, the pool and poolside private, just for your course. Trust us, it makes the difference.

    Everybody that has booked a 'learn to swim course' with us, has exceeded their expectations,  (and trust us, some people have very high expectations!)

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