Swim Test Training For Offshore Workers, Pilots and Members of the British Armed Forces

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Swim Courses and Lessons For Career Purposes

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Swim Test Training

We look after a lot of people who need to pass a swim test for their current job role or future careers. The thought of a swim test can be absolutely terrifying as an adult, especially if you haven't been to a pool for some time, let alone swam lengths in a certain time or to a certain distance, or participated in treading water or diving down to the bottom since you were at school. Whatever your age or current ability, we are able to vastly improve your swimming ability, speed, ease with being underwater and general confidence with our lessons specifically designed with your swim test requirement's in mind.

We regularly help individuals to prepare for swim test for the following career paths:

  • Airline pilots and cabin crew
  • Offshore workers that need to pass their helicopter underwater escape training
  • British Army
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Navy Recruits
  • Royal Marines

Airline pilots and Cabin Crew

Different airlines have different policies about swimming ability, but all airlines require future staff to pass a swim test, we usually find Easy Jet has the most comprehensive airline swim test! Whether you need to intensively learn to swim from scratch or you just need to gain confidence in certain sections of your swim test, we are able to provide a course or one-off lessons designed to your exact needs and specifications.

Offshore workers that need to pass their HUET Test (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training).

Offshore sites such as oilrigs will often only be accessible by helicopter and all workers that attend an offshore site (even once) will be required to pass their HUET test.

This training can be anxiety inducing for even the most confident swimmer, so, If you feel you need to get some confidence building sessions based around deep water and underwater work, we can provide one off sessions to help you prepare for your HUET. If you feel your swimming ability needs to be worked on as well as your underwater or Deepwater confidence you may wish to look at our intensive courses or regular weekly lessons.

The Armed Forces

If you are thinking of joining the forces, whether it be the Royal Air force, British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Marines, all new recruits are required to pass a swim test. Every branch of the forces has different requirements, and we have lots of experience getting people ready for these tests. Knowing that you are able to easily do everything required of you during your test, really does give you a confidence boost on the day and get you off to a great start in your new chosen career. Whatever your requirements we have a lesson or course to suit your needs and because our sessions are completely private, you can wear the correct clothing to practice in (in-line with your test conditions).


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