Our Private Swimming Pool

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The Pool

Private, peaceful and warm

The Swim People Pool

Our private swimming pool is the place to go if you want to learn to swim. The pool is gorgeous (even if we say so ourselves) and it's just for you and your teacher during your lesson. So, no one else to splash you or interrupt you ... just peace, quiet and learning.

We keep our chemicals low, using UV to help sanitise the water keeping it kinder to your skin and eyes.

You will have a private changing room, with places to hang your clothes and a seat to sit and put your socks back on after all the hard work! There is a bathroom including shower to have a rinse off after your lesson.

The poolside is quiet, because we don't let anyone watch while you learn to swim. It's your own private poolside. The only other person you may see is another teacher in for training or the next student popping through to get themselves ready.

The pool itself is 12.5m long x 6m wide with a shallow and deep end, it is clean, quiet and wonderful ... just how The Swim People wanted it. It's a pool we are proud of (as you can probably tell).

Adults who have never been comfortable in the water benefit greatly from our peaceful, private, swimming pool, because, unlike public pools you will be able to relax completely and learn to swim under expert tuition.

The pool is situated right on the south coast, between Portsmouth and Southampton. We are by a beautiful beach opposite the, Isle of Wight.


Please call us to book or ask any further questions you may have.

01329 802 208 or email us HERE